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A client-centered, value-led practice that continually seeks to deliver design excellence.

About Us

Karen and Ronan are life and business partners and bring a unique style of home design and architecture to their work. At the heart of the practice is the need to engage and connect with the client, listening to their needs and wants, designing and building to the highest quality and ultimately delivering a space in which they can create, thrive and enjoy.

All of us are looking for a place to call home; a refuge and shelter from the world.

When we find it we want the journey to be about us, ultimately. Creating a home begins and ends with a person, a couple or a family. It's about taking time to empathise, observe and understand the why, ideate using a blend of problem solving and drawing tools and ultimately making it happen by building the vision and dream. Living well and being the best version of self begins in the home.

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